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Our School

Home of the Warriors!

Winburn Middle School is home to a diverse population of students who truly reflect our global society with a wide variety of cultures from across the globe. As home to one of Fayette County’s Gifted and Talented Accelerated Programs, we are honored that students from across our city choose to come to Winburn to pursue academic excellence and a multicultural experience like none other.  

Our Warrior Code is our commitment to respect and defend all our students while providing a college-and-career ready education for our students each and every day.

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Extracurricular and co-curricular offerings:

Clubs & Activities Athletics
- Academic Team - Cheerleading
- Art Club - Basketball (Girls & Boys)

- Community Leaders Program (CLP)

- Football
- Cooking Club - Volleyball
- Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) - Track & Field
- Kentucky Youth Assembly  
- Math Counts - Co-ed Soccer Club
- News Crew 
(A weekly student led news program!)
- Strategy Game Club  
- STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program)  
- Volleyball Club (Co-ed)  
- Yearbook Club  
...and so much more!    

Exploratory Classes

Art Mrs. Woolley


Dr. Baker
Mr. Morris

Dr. Ellerbe
Mrs. Milburn

Chinese Mrs. Hu
Chorus Ms. Murner
Drama Ms. Hancock
Humanities & Cultural Literacy Dr. Dupree
Project Lead-the-Way Mrs. McCall
STEM Robotics  
Gym/Physical Education Ms. Sallee
Mr. Satterwhite
African-American Studies Mrs. Hanley

Once a Warrior
Always a Warrior!

Three smiling students in the hallway